11 Facts About Dajjal Every Muslim Needs To Know

In Islamic eschatology the term “Dajjal” (often spelled as “Dajjal” or “Dajal“) refers to a figure who is considered to be a false messiah or an impostor in the end times, here is 11 facts about him. The concept of the Dajjal is not found in the Quran but is mentioned in Hadith (sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad).

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According to Islamic tradition, the Dajjal is believed to be a deceptive and evil being who will appear before the Day of Judgment. He is often described as having one eye (sometimes called the “all seeing eye”) and possessing supernatural powers of deception and manipulation. The Dajjal is expected to claim to be the Messiah or a divine figure and will try to lead people away from the true path of God.

Muslims are advised to be cautious of the Dajjal’s deception and are taught to seek refuge in God’s protection from his influence. It is believed that when the true Messiah known as Jesus (Isa in Arabic) returns he will confront and defeat the Dajjal bringing an end to his reign of deception and restoring justice and righteousness.

The concept of the Dajjal is an important element in Islamic eschatology and serves as a warning against false claims and deceptive ideologies in the end times. It is important to note that beliefs and interpretations regarding the Dajal can vary among different Islamic traditions and scholars.

1- Meaning and Origin

Dajal, also known as the Antichrist in Christian tradition, is a figure in Islamic eschatology who is prophesied to appear before the Day of Judgment.

2- Deception and Falsehood

Dajjal is described as a deceiver who will spread falsehood and confusion among people, leading many astray with his convincing lies and miracles.

3- One-Eyed

One of the most distinct features of Dajjal is that he is said to be one-eyed. This eye is neither entirely blind nor functional, symbolizing spiritual blindness and distortion of truth.

4- Claims of Divinity

Dajal will claim to be divine or possess god-like powers, attempting to deceive people into worshiping him instead of Allah.

5- Miraculous Abilities

Dajjal will perform extraordinary feats and miracles, such as bringing rain and causing vegetation to grow in barren lands, to further his deceptive agenda.

6- Trial and Test

The arrival of Dajal is considered a significant trial for believers, testing their faith, resilience, and commitment to Islam.

7- Prophet’s Warning

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) extensively warned his followers about the dangers of Dajal and advised them to seek refuge in Allah from his fitnah (trial).

8- Duration of His Reign

Dajal’s reign is believed to last for a period of time, during which he will exert influence and control over the world, spreading corruption and chaos.

9- Battle with Jesus (Isa)

According to Islamic tradition, Jesus (Isa), as a prophet, will return to Earth to defeat Dajal and establish justice and righteousness before the Day of Judgment.

10- Protection for Believers

It is believed that sincere faith in Allah, adherence to Islamic teachings, and recitation of specific prayers will protect believers from the deception of Dajal.

11- Ultimate Defeat

Eventually, Dajal will be defeated and killed by Jesus(Isa), after which the world will experience a period of peace and harmony before the Day of Judgment arrives.

Understanding these facts about Dajal is important for Muslims to remain steadfast in their faith and prepare spiritually for the challenges that may arise in the future.

(FAQs) about Dajal

Who is Dajjal?

Dajjal is a figure in Islamic eschatology, often referred to as the false messiah or the Antichrist. He is prophesied to emerge before the Day of Judgment, spreading deception and chaos.

What does “Dajal” mean?

The term “Dajjal” in Arabic means “deceiver” or “imposter.” It signifies the deceptive nature of this figure and his ability to mislead people.

What are some of the characteristics of Dajal?

Dajjal is described as having one eye, with the other either blind or deformed. He is also depicted as a powerful deceiver who will claim divinity and perform false miracles.

What role does Dajal play in Islamic prophecy?

Dajjal’s emergence is considered a major sign of the approaching Day of Judgment. He will test people’s faith and commitment to Islam, leading many astray with his deception.

How will believers recognize Dajal?

Believers are advised to seek protection from Allah and to remain vigilant against Dajal’s deceitful tactics. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) provided descriptions and warnings about Dajal to help believers recognize him.

What is the significance of Dajal’s combat with Jesus (Isa)?

Islamic tradition holds that Jesus (Isa) will return to Earth to confront and defeat Dajjal, establishing justice and righteousness before the final judgment. This event symbolizes the triumph of truth over falsehood.

How can believers protect themselves from Dajal’s deception?

Believers are encouraged to strengthen their faith, adhere to Islamic teachings, and seek refuge in Allah through prayers and supplications. Sincere devotion to Allah is believed to provide protection from Dajjal’s influence.

What will happen to Dajal in the end?

Dajal will ultimately be defeated and killed by Jesus (Isa), marking the end of his reign of deception. This victory will usher in a period of peace and justice before the Day of Judgment arrives.


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