11 Facts About Dajjal Every Muslim Needs To Know

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In Islamic eschatology the term “Dajjal” (often spelled as “Dajjal” or “Dajal”) refers to a figure who is considered to be a false messiah or an impostor in the end times, here is 11 facts about dajjal. The concept of the Dajjal is not found in the Quran but is mentioned in Hadith (sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad).


According to Islamic tradition, the Dajjal is believed to be a deceptive and evil being who will appear before the Day of Judgment. He is often described as having one eye (sometimes called the “all seeing eye”) and possessing supernatural powers of deception and manipulation. The Dajjal is expected to claim to be the Messiah or a divine figure and will try to lead people away from the true path of God.

Muslims are advised to be cautious of the Dajjal’s deception and are taught to seek refuge in God’s protection from his influence. It is believed that when the true Messiah known as Jesus (Isa in Arabic) returns he will confront and defeat the Dajjal bringing an end to his reign of deception and restoring justice and righteousness.

The concept of the Dajjal is an important element in Islamic eschatology and serves as a warning against false claims and deceptive ideologies in the end times. It is important to note that beliefs and interpretations regarding the Dajjal can vary among different Islamic traditions and scholars.

Here are 11 facts about Dajjal (the False Messiah) in Islamic eschatology that are important for Muslims to be aware.

1) Major Sign of the End Times

1st fact about Dajjal is, Dajjal’s emergence is considered one of the major signs of the nearing Day of Judgment in Islamic eschatology.

2) Deceptive Nature

2nd fact about Dajjal is, Dajjal is often described as an immensely deceptive figure who will claim to be a messiah or a prophet but in reality he is an imposter.

3) One-Eyed

3rd fact about Dajjal is, Dajjal is often depicted as having one eye, which is symbolic of his deception. The Arabic word “Dajjal” itself can be interpreted as “deceiver” or “liar.”

4) Miraculous Abilities

4th fact about Dajjal is, he will possess supernatural powers and perform miraculous feats further deceiving people.

5) Widespread Chaos

5th fact about Dajjal is, Dajjal’s arrival will be accompanied by widespread turmoil conflict and confusion in the world.

6) Opposition to Believers

6th fact about Dajjal is, Dajjal will target believers, attempting to lead them away from their faith.

7) Protection for Believers

7th fact about Dajjal is, It is believed that true believers will be protected from Dajjal’s deception, and their faith will remain steadfast.

8) Role of Prophet Isa (Jesus)

8th fact about Dajjal is, Islamic tradition holds that Prophet Isa (Jesus) will return before the Day of Judgment. He will play a crucial role in defeating Dajjal and establishing justice.

9) Duration of His Reign

9th fact about Dajjal is, Dajjal’s reign is believed to be relatively short in comparison to the overall timeline of human history.

10) Seeking Refuge Through Supplication

10t fact about Dajjal is, Muslims are encouraged to seek protection from Dajjal’s deception through specific supplications and prayers.

11) A Symbol of Moral and Spiritual Struggles

11th fact about Dajjal is, beyond the literal interpretation, Dajjal symbolizes moral and spiritual challenges that individuals and societies may face emphasizing the importance of holding onto one’s faith and values.


It’s important to note that interpretations of Dajjal can vary among different Islamic scholars and traditions, with some viewing Dajjal as a literal figure and others emphasizing the symbolic and spiritual aspects of the concept.
Nonetheless understanding the concept of Dajjal is important within the broader context of Islamic eschatology and the belief in the eventual Day of Judgment.


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